Feb. 8, 2015

Release Notes : Modeler 0.4.2

Modeler 0.4.2 is fix release. Changes are:

  1. General:
    • Now unit tests are skipped when launched diagram.
    • Fix issue when copying elements between diagrams.
    • Remove deadlock possibility when sending data to multiple ports of Embedded Task
    • Debug launch enabled

System in Cloud Team

Jan. 6, 2015

Release Notes : Modeler 0.4.1

Modeler 0.4.1 is mostly fix release. Changes are:

  1. General:
    • Random Generator : now interval can be a parameter.
    • Fix performance issue: deselecting many tasks took too much time.
    • Now when you copy tasks, connections that source and target were selected are also copied
    • You can log within JavaTask.
    • Beta implementation of synchronization mechanism.
    • Sipo ...
Nov. 11, 2014

Release Notes : Modeler 0.4.0

Modeler 0.4.0 is a new feature release. New things are:

  1. General:
    • After upgrade project version, project is refreshed
    • Copy-paste feature: now you can copy-paste Tasks and Ports to the same diagram as well into another one
    • Generators (e.g. JavaTask) can be paused and resumed
    • Internal Ports have default settings of hold and ...
Sept. 17, 2014

Release Notes : Modeler 0.3.0

Modeler 0.3.0 is a new feature release. New things are:

  1. Video and Image Processing Extension:

System in Cloud Team

Aug. 8, 2014

Release Notes : Modeler 0.2.3

Modeler 0.2.2 is a hotfix release. Fixed issues:

  • JavaTask : parameter value can't be an other parameter.

System in Cloud Team

Aug. 6, 2014

Release Notes : Modeler 0.2.2

Modeler 0.2.2 is a fix release. Fixed issues:

  • 'Link with editor' is not working
  • JavaTask : one parameter not in array form not detected
  • Create Connection Point: error when creating in the first segment of connection
  • EmbeddedTask : Select Diagram should be only on actual project not workspace

System in Cloud Team

July 31, 2014

Release Notes : Modeler 0.2.1

Modeler 0.2.1 is a fix release. Fixed issues:

  • No 'New Test Diagram' in popup menu in Project Explorer
  • Parameter value can be other parameter

We have started introducing an upgrade routines. To upgrade project created with Modeler 0.2.0 to 0.2.1 click-right on project and go to project properties.

System ...

July 17, 2014

Release Notes : Modeler 0.2.0

Modeler 0.2.0 is a new feature release. New things are:

  • Generator : adjust sleep time

    You can assure that your interval time is what you set even if the generation function is taking a lot of time. See example

  • Add Complex32, Complex64 and Raw data type.
  • Now you can install Modeler in any eclipse ...
June 3, 2014

Release Notes : Modeler 0.1.1

Modeler 0.1.1 is a fix release. Fixed issues:

  • Disappearing output port in Constant when resizing
  • Deadlock in 10 minutes tutorial when generator interval below 10 ms

System in Cloud Team

May 20, 2014

Modeler 0.1.0 has just came out!

Modeler 0.1.0 has just came out!

We are glad to announce that the first version of our Modeler has just came out. We prepared initial version of User Guide to help you take a first step with a new tool.

We are curious about your feedback so don't hesitate to write to ...